GPNM Legislative Update ACTION NEEDED

UPDATE and ALERT!: HB 347 (Petition Requirements) and HB 171 (Create Office of Peacebuilding) were tabled in committee. SB 53 (Storage of Radioactive Waste) and SB 180/a (Election Changes) are on the schedule for House Judiciary, Friday, March 10. Please contact your representative and request passage (vote for) of SB 53 and amendment of SB 180 to remove increased signature requirements for minor party and write-in candidates. Thank you!

From Green Council:

  1. Please contact members of the HGEIAC right away and ask them to support HB 347. This bill states the petition signature requirements for candidates without regard to party affiliation. The numbers are fair and reasonable, e.g., 1000 for statewide office, 500 for congressional district, etc. A vote is expected Monday afternoon (February 20th) as it was added to the end of the schedule. Contact information is below.

Representative D. Wonda Johnson 505-986-4433
Representative Natalie Figueroa 505-986-4255
Representative Martin R. Zamora 505-986-4211
Representative Janelle Anyanonu 505-986-4464
Representative John Block 505-986-4220
Representative Gail Chasey 505-986-4777
Representative Dayan Hochman-Vigil 505-986-4327
Representative Charlotte Little 505-986-4254
Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm 505-986-4214

Topic: House Government, Elections, & Indian Affairs STARTS at 0830,
Or One tap mobile :
US: +12532050468,,81850374006# or +12532158782,,81850374006#
Webinar ID: 818 5037 4006

  1. There are multiple bills aimed at creating some sort of open primary system or putting that question to the voters. The Joint Resolutions would put the question to voters in the form of a constitutional amendment. Note that SJR 7 would institute ranked-choice voting for the general election but does not indicate requirements for obtaining a ballot position for the primary. Based on progress to date, SB 73 (amended) is probably most likely to get through the Senate; it is unclear if it will get through the House. Soft support from Green Council.

HJR 12 OPEN PRIMARY ELECTIONS, CA to be heard Monday Feb 20 in HGEIAC (just before HB 347)

SB 73 PRIMARY ELECTION VOTING REQUIREMENTS passed two comminttees, goes to full Senate

Note, SB 175 had cleaner language than SB 73, but 73 was the one that made it out of the first committee.

¡OJO! SB 180 ELECTION CHANGES has some items in it like making home addresses of candidates confidential and creating electronic petitioning; however, it would DOUBLE the petition signature requirement for minor parties. It is in the Senate Judiciary Committee but not scheduled. We would want the party about signature requirements removed.

  1. Other bills to support even if not perfect
    HJR 1 Independent Redistricting Commission, CA to be heard Monday, Feb 20, 1:30 p. m.
    House Judiciary Committee
    Please click the link below to join the webinar:
    Or One tap mobile :
    US: +12532050468,,81793611432# or +12532158782,,81793611432#
    Webinar ID: 817 9361 1432

HJR 4 ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS, CA still in first committee, not scheduled.
SJR 6 ENVIRONMENTAL RIGHTS, CA still in first committee, not scheduled.

SB 243 PLASTIC WASTE REDUCTION ACT c/s (committee substitute) prohibits retail establishments from using single-use plastic checkout bags. In STBTC, not scheduled yet.

SB 165 LOCAL CHOICE ENERGY ACT is generating controversy, in SJC, not scheduled. This gives municipalities, counties, and tribes the option of becoming a local energy provider subject to rules and standards. Customers would having option of remaining with the other utility provider in service. In SJC, not scheduled yet.

HB 100 WAITING PERIOD FOR FIREARM SALES imposes 14-d waiting period. In HJC, not scheduled yet.
HB 101 LARGE-CAPACITY MAGAZINES & ASSAULT WEAPONS c/s has a lot of exceptions but a step forward. In HJC, not scheduled yet.

  1. Oppose HB 98 REINSTATING QUALIFIED IMMUNITY. This is still in first committee, not scheduled.

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