Declare Independence from the Corporate Duopoly!

Declare your independence from the corporate party duopoly! For a decade now, more registered voters in the United States have identified as independents than with either of the major parties. Depending on the polling or categorization method, this group may include minor-party adherents. Minor parties, e. g., Greens and Libertarians, often are included in a separate category (Other) that is much smaller than I/D/R. Note that 31 states, including New Mexico, have registration by party; the overall pattern does not quite hold for New Mexico. While the number of voters registered with minor parties is relatively small, the state is more partisan in registration than others, and the Libertarians currently have major party status.

Issues of local, state-wide, and national concern are sometimes like a buffet or the offerings of a summer picnic: varied, with lots of options for potential solutions. People like to pick and choose in accordance to their tastes and beliefs. The U. S. system attempts to force all partakers to choose from two prix fixe menus. The cost of this system is too high, prompting people to turn away at the entrance.

Those who obtain power through this system have subordinated their responsibilities of governance to the effort of entrenching themselves at the head of the table. People of colour, young people, poor people, and urbanites have found themselves in the same electoral boat as minor parties, without federal protection from disenfranchisement. We, the people, can declare our independence from this oppressive system by answering the call to run for office as a Green. More choices, more voices.


Green Thoughts on Juneteenth

Here are two pieces published today on an important topic.  Juneteenth.  Juneteenth and Reparations.  Today, the U. S. House of Representatives began hearing House Resolution 40, a bill that proposes the formation of a committee to study reparations.  It is a symbolic date.  People held in slavery in Texas remained captive for an additional two years and nearly six months after the Emancipation Proclamation was issued because nobody bothered to tell them they were out of bondage earlier.  The statements at the links below are from candidates seeking the 2020 Green Party nomination for President.  The Green Party steps up to address injustice; it doesn´t step away.

Juneteenth 2019 Green Party Presidential Joint Statement on Reparations

Juneteenth 2019: The US Must Repair Historic and Current Racism



Green Wave in Europe

The European elections last month had positive outcomes for the Green Party. The Greens had the second highest total in Germany with ~21% of the vote. They broke double digits in Finland and France. Some party members credit concerns about global warming as leading voters to recognize that Greens are serious about the issue. However, Greens are not a one-issue party. As recognized by the Guardian,

And more recently they have consolidated a manifesto that puts social justice and human rights at the heart of the fight for the planet…

Greens recognize that our Four Pillars (Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Non-Violence, and Grassroots Democracy) are intertwined. Destruction of the planet reduces resources, such as clean water and clean air, needed for healthy communuties. Conflicts arise over scarce resources, potentially leading to violence. State powers that limit participation in governance and economic development make it possible for privatization of public services and corporate control of natural resources. These natural resource are exploited for corporate profit, and the cycle continues.

Insist that Green candidates are provided a public platform. Help open debates; protest media black-outs; and work to stop the efforts across the country to limit ballot access. Let’s get the Green Wave to wash over North America.  Learn how you can help.

Guardian story
Common Dreams story
Map to Green Party Seats in European Union


Green Party Green New Deal–No Nuclear

The Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area (GPAMA) acknowledges recent efforts by members of the Democratic Party to take on the work of a Green New Deal. American Green Party candidates have been running on a Green New Deal since 2010.

The Green Party Green New Deal says no to nuclear power. March 11 is the eighth anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that led to multiple explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station that released radiation into the environment with contamination reaching the United States. Nuclear facilities in the United States face similar catastrophic risks from increasingly volatile weather events. The Green Party Green New Deal seeks to create a sustainable job program that reduces the risks of global climate change by eliminating subsidies for the fossil fuel and agribusiness industries and investing in renewal energy training and expansion through public utilities, regenerative agriculture, and ecosystem restoration all while turning away from fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Stopping perpetual war for oil and nuclear one-upsmanship will allow a drastic decrease in the military budget. We could fund research and development in renewable, clean energy sources and public transportation. Universal healthcare and universal childcare would benefit all citizens; reparations to down-winders from nuclear weapons testing could be assured; clean-up of water and land contamination around military bases could be completed.

True tax and financial reforms that end loopholes and bail-outs for the super wealthy, provide small business investment, and establish public banking would open a living-wage economy to more people and allow equitable reduction of educational and housing debt burdens.

Time will tell if the major parties have the courage to establish a carbon tax and reject corporate control of the future of our planet, but time to act is running out. The Green Party Green New Deal is the real deal.

Serious about Climate Change?

The Green Party of New Mexico will submit the following statement to various outlets.


In accordance with the Green Party pillar, Ecological Wisdom, the Green Party of New Mexico and its affiliated local chapters laud Governor Luján Grisham’s Executive Order on January 29, 2019, committing New Mexico to essential climate change action. Given the lack of federal leadership on the climate question–as witnessed by the recent presidential State of the Union address (no mention whatsoever)–it is up to state and local governments to step up to the plate.

The Task Force appointed by the governor is a useful vehicle for getting action on climate change moving ahead with all due speed. We encourage the governor to tap the significant expertise in non-partisan, environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as input from affected citizens themselves for the ongoing Task Force. Just as much as or more than the oil and gas industry is, NGOs and citizens are important stakeholders in the discussions and should help shape climate decision making through the state administration.

Comments on Public Charge Rule

GPAMA is a local of Green Party of New Mexico (GPNM). GPNM submitted the following public comment on the proposed Public Charge Rule concerning admissibility for immigrants.

The Green Party of New Mexico (GPNM) opposes the proposed expansion of the assistance benefits under consideration by the Department of Homeland Security and the proposed consideration of any past use of public benefits under the public charge rule. GPNM strongly opposes the inclusion of state and local assistance programs in the admissibility assessment.

The expansive list of negative factors–including inherently subjective ones–that could be applied under the proposed changes potentially describes every native-born U. S. citizen in some way. The income threshold that would be established as an overriding positive factor, 250% of the federal poverty guidelines, when considered for a three-person household, is greater than the median household income in New Mexico.

In addition to the detrimental effects on families and public health the proposed rule changes likely would have, they would also make it harder for employers to keep skilled workers on H-1B visas. The proposed changes would be harmful to immigrants who arrived the United States legally and are working in the U. S. economy.

Speaking out About Glyphosate

ANOTHER UPDATED UPDATE!! (13 November 2018) The glyphosate resolution is NOT on the agenda for the County Commission meeting this evening. We have beed advised that a public information effort of some sort is being developed around the issue.  The expectation is that it will be passed as strengthened at the last meeting.  GPAMA will stay vigilant regarding this resolution.

More people spoke about glyphosate at the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, October 23.  It looked like a first-step resolution was going to be adopted to look at ways to minimize glyphosate use, but individual commissioners wanted additional language that would strengthen the resolution.  In the end, the resolution was deferred to the next meeting (November 13th) with the intention of adopting a resolution that includes the immediate cessation of glyphosate application to public zones administered by Bernalillo County, an examination of alternatives to all County pesticide use, and provision of disposal options for unused glyphosate.  Grassroots!

UPDATE!  Bernalillo County will look at alternatives to glyphosate use.  We believe commissioners and county staff were moved to take action after hearing the information we presented.  Please contact the Bernalillo County Commision and encourage them to follow through with this.

GPAMA collected approximately 500 signatures calling for the end of glyphosate use in public zones in the four-county area.  We submitted an electronic copy of the signatures to Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller with this letter. We will present this request to the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners at the meeting on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 5:00 p. m., Vincent E. Griego Chambers, One Civic Plaza, in downtown ABQ during Public Comment. Please add your comments at the meeting or on line. Here are some useful bits of information:

  • Glyphosate has been classified as a probable human carcinogen by the IARC based on sufficient evidence in animal studies and limited evidence in humans studies.

  • A former groundskeeper who developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma was awarded $289 million in California.  He had repeated exposure to glyphosate as part of his work duties.

  • Glyphosate use has been linked to the decline in the monarch butterfly population. There is also evidence that glyphosate exposure affects the navigational ability of honeybees, potentially affecting foraging success, and a new study indicates that glyphosate alters the gut microbiome of honeybees with a subsequent increased risk of infection.  These may be contributing factors in colony decline.

  • In 2017, Bernalillo County spent nearly $12,000 for ~730 gallons of glyphosate. Little League and soccer fields are regularly sprayed, as well as medians, parks (including dog), trails, and senior center grounds.

  • If a chemical agent were needed as a last resort in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), several products approved for organic crop production are available.