Methane Rules Hearing

The 10-day Public Rule-making Hearing of the Oil Conservation Commission started January 4, 2021. Download the schedule (docket) below.

The hearing is about the rules to be put in place to govern how oil & gas companies deal with methane waste. Methane waste vented into the atmosphere is believed to be a significant factor in global warming. The rules must address the problem of leaks.

Learn more about the methane problem in New Mexico.

Send a public comment request to or to

NM 2020 Election Results

Unofficial Returns

GLORIA LA RIVA AND SUNIL FREEMAN Party for Socialism and Liberation 1,627
Total Votes 917,906
STEPHEN A VERCHINSKI              Green                   5%       759
SARAH RICH-JACKSON                   Republican          31%     4,525
CHRISTINE TRUJILLO                     Democrat             60%     8,916
JOCELYNN RENEE PADEN              Libertarian             4%        538
Total Votes                                                                        14,738

Victory for Election Integrity

Statement from the Stein Recount Campaign
October 30, 2020

Not hearing about this election story. The full statement can be found at Stein FB page.

“The courts have affirmed that the largest manufacturer of voting machines in the US, Election Systems & Software, has no right to suppress the findings of our upcoming inspection of key election software. That inspection will bring much needed transparency and accountability to the software that counts our votes. This win affirms that corporations cannot shield the voting software we rely on from public scrutiny.”

In 2018, Stein settled her recount lawsuit with the state of Pennsylvania for a guarantee that the state would replace all paperless voting machines with systems using voter-verifiable paper ballots by 2020, and in 2022 would introduce post-election risk-limiting audits to verify the vote before results are certified.

Hawkins/Walker 2020: Debates, Interviews

Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate for President of the United States. Angela Walker is the Vice-Presidential candidate. Below are links to some debate performances and interviews.

DEBATES (Free & Equal, Hawkins)

Debate #1, Debate #2, Debate #3


Hawkins on C-SPAN

Hawkins on Morning Joe

Angela Walker on Amped Up

Angela Walker on imwil

May 8, 1970: A Day to Remember Zoom Panels

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, GPAMA, VFP-ABQ, and MACCS presented a program about the protests at the University of New Mexico during which National Guardsmen bayonetted several people. Below are the links to videos of the two panel discussions.

Panel 1: Remembrances

Panel 2: Healing Trauma & Youth Activism

Many thanks to the panelists and all who helped with this event and video.

Keep Elected PRC

Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment 1, Appointed Public Regulation Commission Amendment

Besides the usual lineup of candidates on the November 3 ballot, there is “Constitutional Amendment 1.” This proposed amendment to the state’s constitution would phase out the Public Regulation Commission (PRC)’s elected officials and replace them with officials appointed by the governor.

Several glossy postcards arrived in voters’ mailboxes in August, touting the disadvantages of “professional politicians” and painting utility and energy company “experts” as the correct approach. The approach was smooth, non-specific, and boilerplate–almost as if the message were lifted from similar campaigns around the country seeking to take the “public” out of public regulation bodies. Current commissioners have been in tune with and responsive to public sentiment. It begs the question as to why we would want to replace these commissioners with unknowns representing industry interests and stockholder-owned utilities.

Let us not be fooled by a set of well-worded and slickly produced industry-sponsored messages that weave fancy tales that public utility decisions should be made by representatives of the utility companies. Is oversight by accountable citizens an old-fashioned notion? Let us remember that privatizing energy and utility regulation removes oversight and the public interest from the decision-making loop. Having industry regulate itself is just another case of the fox guarding the hen house.

Local Candidate

Stephen Verchinski is running for New Mexico House of Representatives, District 25.  This district is in the NE Heights of ABQ.  This should be an interesting race as there appear to be FOUR candidates on the ballot:  a Green, a Libertarian, a Republican, and the incumbent Democrat.  Campaign contributions may be made at Stephen4NM or sent to Stephen at the following address:

Stephen Verchinski for New Mexico
2700 Española Street NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110-3521

Stephen is a representative to the GPUS National Committee for GPNM and also serves on the Eco-Action and International Committees. Call 505.238.2398 or visit Stephen4NM to volunteer today!

More Holtec Webinars


U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Conduct Four Public Online Webinars for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Holtec HI-STORE Consolidated Interim Storage Facility

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) will conduct four additional public meetings via webinar soliciting comments on a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Holtec International’s (Holtec) proposed Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF) for spent nuclear fuel in Lea County, New Mexico.  The draft EIS evaluates potential environmental impacts of Holtec’s request to build and operate the proposed CISF. The NRC invites members of the public to attend the public meeting webinars and to present oral comments on the draft EIS.

Thursday, August 20, 2020 – 4:00 pm MT (6:00 pm ET)
Event address:
Event number: 199 831 2299
Event password: HOLTEC
Telephone access
Phone number: 888-566-6509
Passcode: 1904459

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 – 12:00 noon MT (2:00 pm ET)
Event address:
Event number: 199 973 2733
Event password: HOLTEC
Telephone access
Phone number: 888-566-6509
Passcode: 1904459

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 – 4:00 pm MT (6:00 pm ET) Webinar:
Event address:
Event number: 199 278 6216
Event password: HOLTEC
Telephone access:
Phone number: 888-566-6509
Passcode: 1904459

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 – 9:00 am MT (11:00 am ET)Webinar:
Event address:
Event number: 199 183 5099
Event password: HOLTEC
Telephone access:
Phone number: 888-566-6509
Passcode: 1904459

The public may also submit written comments on the draft EIS before September 22, 2020.  Members of the public can provide comments by any of the following methods:

    • E-mail to
    • Online at (search for Docket ID NRC-2018-0052) 
    • US Mail to the following address: Office of Administration, Mail Stop:  TWFN-7-A60M, ATTN:  Program Management, Announcements and Editing Staff, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001.

The draft EIS can be found on the NRC public webpage for the Holtec CISF license application at  If you do not have internet access, contact the NRC Public Document Room at 800-397-4209 for assistance.  Questions regarding the draft EIS should be directed to Jill Caverly at 301-415-7674 or at