Gateway Green Alliance Webinars

Healing a Broken Agricultural System Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 6:00 p. m. MST on Zoom

  • John Ikerd, Agricultural Economist
  • Ollie Fisher, Ghan Eden Agriculture & Ecology
  • Suprabha Seshan, Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary
  • Mitch Pearson, The Urban Farm School

Agriculture as a Weapon of Domination Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 6:00 p. m. on Zoom

  • Wes Jackson, The Land Institute
  • Asa Anpu, AAPDEP South Africa Director
  • Nely Rodriguez, Coalition of Immokalee Workers
  • Jaideep Hardikar, People’s Archive of Rural India

Resisting Israel’s Attacks on Palestine, Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021, 6:00 p. m. MDT.  Free registration

The ugly truth of what is happening to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has been effectively hidden by media silence.  Israelis don’t want to look, and the West doesn’t know.  The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and police protect and reinforce attacks by “settlers” which are increasingly vicious and frequent.  Israeli courts, police, and settlers have worked with the IDF and Civil Administration for de facto annexation of most of the West Bank.  What is happening to Palestinians exemplifies colonialism throughout the world.  Join the panelists listed below for an eye-opening discussion.
  • Bob Suberi, the son of immigrants from Jerusalem, is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Israel, a Vietnam War veteran and a member of the Green Party of St. Louis. He spent three months living in a Palestinian village from March to June, 2021.  He is currently active in Veterans For Peace, Friends of Bethlehem St. Louis, and the Center for Jewish Non-Violence.
  • Zaki Baruti is President/General of the Universal African Peoples Organization and was the 2000 Green Party Candidate for Missouri Governor.  He has been a TV host, radio host and a decades-long leader in St. Louis area struggles against police violence.  He publishes the African Newsworld and is a retired educator and author of educational booklets.
  • Awdah Hathaleen, a Palestinian activist in Umm Al Khair, South Hebron Hills, is a victim of house demolition and organized rebuilding a community center demolished twice.   He is an English teacher and the inspiration behind a village library and a campaign to educate preschoolers.  He assists Palestinians who are forced to work and sometimes sleep far from where they live.
  • Yonatan Shapira is a former Israeli captain and Air Force pilot.  He was one of the organizers of a 2003 letter signed by 27 Air Force pilots who refused to participate in Israeli military operations against Palestinians.  Shapira has also signed onto the internal Israeli movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) known as “Boycott from Within.”
  • Moderator Madelyn Hoffman has been a lifelong activist for peace/environmental justice and is Professor of Political Science and Public Speaking.  She is the 2021 NJ Green Party Candidate for Governor and Co-chair of the Green Party Peace Action Committee.
==== Envisioning a Greener New Deal, Wednesday, May 5, 2021, 6:00 p. m. MDT. We must halt environmental destruction while providing a better quality of life for everyone on Earth. Since our hope has been that alternative energy can replace fossil fuels, it can be overwhelming to learn of its limitations. How real are concerns with nuclear, solar, wind, and hydro-power
• Joan McKiernan, Broome Tioga Green Party.
• Katie Singer, Reports on Our Digital Footprint.
• Stan Cox, The Land Institute.
• Omali Yeshitela, Chairman, African People's Socialist Party.  
• Don Fitz, Green Party of St. Louis.
Moderator Delilah Barrios (Green Party Latinx Caucus) hosts “As All Get Out” on the The Populist Voice channel. Registration required:

GPAMA will have a panelist on the program on “Removing Pesticides From our Public Spaces” on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 6:00 p. m. MDT.

Register in advance:
Dr. Warren Porter (Emeritus Professor of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin) will share how agricultural chemicals influence immune systems, endocrine systems, and neurological health.

Bertha Lewis (Executive Director, The Black Institute, Brooklyn NY) will present evidence of the overuse of pesticides in communities of color.

Em Ward (Green Party of the Albuquerque Metro Area) will share pearls and pitfalls in the effort to stop the use of glyphosate on county-administered properties in Bernalillo County.

Daniel Romano (St. Louis Green Party and No Spray St. Louis) will share difficulties  using Sunshine Requests to document herbicide usage in city parks.

Kent Rowe (engineer and air pollution investigator in Wichita, works with the Sierra Club and Green Party) will share alternatives to herbicides for pest control.

Delilah Barrios (Texas Green Party, The Populist Voice podcast) will moderate.
We shared earlier information about the webinar on suppression of minor parties. The Gateway Greens out of the St. Louis area have hosted multiple informative webinars. GPAMA is a co-sponsor of the Zoom webinar, Berta Cáceres in Defense of Water Rights (click link to register).
Lakhani’s book available at Verso

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The Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area represents Sandoval, Bernalillo, Torrance, and Valencia Counties in New Mexico, U. S. A.

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