Serious about Climate Change?

The Green Party of New Mexico will submit the following statement to various outlets.


In accordance with the Green Party pillar, Ecological Wisdom, the Green Party of New Mexico and its affiliated local chapters laud Governor Luján Grisham’s Executive Order on January 29, 2019, committing New Mexico to essential climate change action. Given the lack of federal leadership on the climate question–as witnessed by the recent presidential State of the Union address (no mention whatsoever)–it is up to state and local governments to step up to the plate.

The Task Force appointed by the governor is a useful vehicle for getting action on climate change moving ahead with all due speed. We encourage the governor to tap the significant expertise in non-partisan, environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as input from affected citizens themselves for the ongoing Task Force. Just as much as or more than the oil and gas industry is, NGOs and citizens are important stakeholders in the discussions and should help shape climate decision making through the state administration.


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The Green Party of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area represents Sandoval, Bernalillo, Torrance, and Valencia Counties in New Mexico, U. S. A.

One thought on “Serious about Climate Change?”

  1. While the new Governor is to be lauded for having climate vision. Just what sort of climate emergency has its task force meet months down the road? Losing more months is foolish and gives the fossil fuel industry an indication that they are dealing with a weak governor on climate, and they may be totally right.


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